A letter from Ruben Rodriguez


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I want to share with you just how special Travis Greene is.

On, Thursday, June 17th, 2010, Travis Greene performed as the only Christian Artist at a SESAC secular event in Atlanta GA. He was the opening artist at 9pm for R&B groups, Block Exchange, Sammie and Day 26.

As you will witness in the following two videos, Travis Greene had an overwhelming response from this secular audience. Four hundred young adults raised their hands and gave their hearts to God. This is a true testimony to Travis’ power and influence on the young adults of today.

Travis is a new artist who we should all be rallying behind as he possesses that special ability to capture an audience and draw them closer to God ‘s word. As we know, in these times, young people are in desperate need of help, guidance and are searching for a deeper meaning to their existence. By exposing people to Jesus Christ, who are not necessarily on the Christian spiritual path, Travis fulfills the purpose of his musical ministry.
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