2011 Best New Artist Stellar Award Nominee


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God is sooo Amazing! I’m in awe of His faithfulness.. I’m so Undeserving of His Grace, but I’m totally Grateful!

Let this Accomplishment serve as Proof that God is Able to do Anything.. For those who knew me “Back Then”, you know that God brought me from NOwhere!! & if God can Raise me up, than there’s Hope for Anyone

I just wanted to stop by to encourage everybody with a dream, to keep trusting.. If God said it, it’s gotta Happen.. PERIOD! Your faith is the only thing God asks for.. So What are you Waiting for? What do you have to Lose?? Start Believing Today!!!

Keep praying for me & the team as we start work on the next project!!… Major Things are Happening, but we’re still the same ol’ Country, God-Loving Worshippers. I’m grateful for your support!!

Let’s Stretch Out!!!!!
Travis G.

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