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Derby Ramon Brito Murray, AKA “DEY01” was born on 10/01/1989 in the city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic where he lived his childhood and youth.  His stage name (DEY01) arises from the mixture of his first name and his date of birth (Dey as his friends call him and 01 as the first of October).

His early start in music began as a local music producer producing songs mostly in urban and commercial music for publicity.  Dey and several of his friends produced music for ambitious artists, which lead to Dey becoming an artist himself and forming the group “Super Intendants”.

His first professionally produced audiovisual was the song “Vamo Alquílatelo” (Let’s Rent It), which was positively accepted by the public and lead to his name being one of the most memorable in the northern Dominican Republic as a local artist.  Dey is recognized as an up and coming artist by all the major television and radio stations in the north of the Dominican Republic such as 96.3 La K-LLE part of the media group of Tele-Micro,  Orbita 92.9, and the entire media circuit in the city of Puerto Plata with radio stations and TV channels supporting the artist by promoting the songs “Prende Tu Fili” (Turn On Your Philly)  and renowned theme “Tu No Puedes Con Dey” (You Can’t With Dey).

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