Shaliek: Behind The Scenes Interviews For “The Past” Music Video


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The Past - Single - Shaliek

View the behind the scenes interviews for Shaliek’s new music video for “The Past” filmed on March 29th in Brooklyn, NY.   The crew shares their excitement around a “magical” shoot and the passion captured of R & B Soul Singer, Shaliek.  Producer, DoIt All, explains how ” soul music is back in the video”  – R& B – you love it – we got it!”  The actual video due out later this month (April 2013).

The Leading Lady is Shakeela Bhyat and the Make-up Artist is Graylon Everett.

Executive Produced by Ruben Rodriguez, Founder/CEO of Pendulum Records.

Produced by Doitall “Du Kelly” for  211 Media Group.

Directed by Garth Von Glehn.

Shaliek’s Bio

Please contact Robin Downes to set up interviews, appearances and more information: Email: Phone: 310-266-7362 or 201-363-1461

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