Nelson Herrera “El Ejemplo”

Nelson At US Radio

March 11th, 2013

Nelson Herrera’s new single “Es Esto Amor (Yo Voy Amarte)” has 29 monitored spins as of March 16th, 2013 and so far between 20 spins at radio in Hartford, CT and 9 spins at radio in Providence, RI.  In Providence, RI WPMZ ranks the song #16.

Nelson Herrera “El Ejemplo” – New Single Es Esto Amor (Yo Quiero Amarte)

November 22nd, 2012

Es Esto Amor (Yo Voy Amarte) - Single - Nelson Herrera & “El Ejemplo”
Nelson’s new single Es Esto Amor (Yo Voy Amarte) is a spanish version of Bob Marley’s “This Is Love”, with a Bachata Rythm.  EP also include includes Es Esto Amor (Yo Voy Amarte) Urban House Mix and “Navidad Con Romo (Christmas with Rum)”.

EP available December 4th on iTunes and other digital outlets.




Nelson Herrera “El Ejemplo” Bio

November 21st, 2012

Nelson Herrera, being called “El Ejemplo” (The Example) is something complementary. Carrying this commitment is great, but when it comes to a human being with so many qualities as it is this humble young man with a talent, extraordinary as is the case of “El Ejemplo” Nelson Herrera. He was born on March 23 in a picturesque little field in the Dominican Republic called Canete, home of good performers such as Frank Reyes and Bolivar Peralta.

When discussing the bachata genre, one cannot fail to mention one of the most charismatic bachateros on stage. Thus we can highlight the skill and dexterity that “El Ejemplo” Nelson Herrera projects upon playing his guitar.

In the year 1997, Nelson formed his first bachata group, which used to perform at various night clubs in the city of New York, and then in the following year recorded his first musical production titled Nelson Herrera “El Ejemplo”, reaching top the charts in radio stations in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, United States, Central and South America with the theme “Thank You, Mother.”

We can say that this hit single is requested every year on Mother’s Day for all his followers, including baseball superstar, Sammy Sosa, who asked a TV channel in the Dominican Republic to play the video for “Thank You, Mother” by Nelson Herrera as a gift to his mother.

These are the things any artist appreciates and makes you feel the satisfaction for their efforts. Later after a rotating success thanks to the production of the hit single, Nelson recorded his second production, “Otro Nivel” (Another Level). In this album, Nelson has carefully arranged the songs, with the idea of ​​providing its loyal fans something different while the essence of  bachata of the village.

Most of the songs are written by him, including “Enamorado Como Un Loco Perdido” (In Love Like Alost Fool) and “Cambio De Vida”  (Change Of Life), among others. The production of “Otro Nivel” is the signature work of “El Ejemplo”, which leads him to travel to different places in the United States, Alaska, Miami, Clevaland, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C. and in the same year, he was nominated as the best local bachatero in the prestigious ACE Awards in New York City.

His presentations include scenarios “Expoferia” of the year, where he was invited along with other artists to sing for two protagonists of the soap opera that was popular at that time broadcasting on Telemundo, Xica, and El Comendador.  “It was exciting to bring joy to those two great protagonist, who started to move their waist with one of my merengues”, says Nelson.

Also worth mentioning that not only does he produce his own musical arrangements, but also produces for other artist, including the father of bachata Luis Segura, Leidy Bonilla, and Teenagers of Bachata, today better known as Adventura, recorded several songs playing the second guitar.

In the year 2002, Nelson released his third record album “Sobando” (Caressing). He scored another hit with the singles “Abrazame Fuerte” (Hold Me Tight), “Secreto De Amor” (Secrets of Love) and “Dejame Quererla” (Let Me Love Her). This production took to perform at many of the key major summer festival including South Street Seaport, Street Festival 116, Great Adventure, Orchard Beach, and Flushing Meadows Park.

This year, Nelson presents his fourth musical “Amor en Silencio” (Love Silently).  In this production, we can enjoy a modern bachata with excellent arrangements.   His first single Es Esto Amor (Yo Voy Amarte) is a spanish version of Bob Marley’s “This Is Love”, which is releasing digitally December 4, 2012 as an EP which includes an Urban Mix of Es Esto Amor and a Christmas song Navidad Con Romo (Christmas with Rum).

“I’m looking forward to my fans and new fans embracing my music.  In truth, I have no words to express what I feel for you who never failed me and I swear that I’ll always be the example for those who follow my career.” – “El Ejemplo” Nelson Herrera

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